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When worn the aim of this headpiece was to become a reflection of the inner human thought. By using heat sensitive ink we wanted to create a headpiece that we could test to see if physical externalised heat had a connection to position of internal thought within the brain.
Crafted from Swarovski spinel stones, enhanced with Liquid Crystal thermochromic ink, over 4000 Black Spinel were chosen for their material composition; being similar to that found in the human bone. This parallel makes the gemstone compatible with the human, enabling each stone when worn to act as a conduction insulator, absorbing energy loss from the head. 
The Liquid crystal thermochromic ink enables the Spinel to visualise this energy loss with a colour change gradient, through black > orange > red > green > blue > purple. Using the Swarovski Gemstone to ensure precise regularity across the stones. We discovered the pattern formation in the colour of each stones evolves throughout the day; this fluctuates over areas of the brain in use.

When the headpiece was on disaply at LFW we were approached by Daniel Glaser, Neuroscientist and Director, Science Gallery, King's College London, and discussed testing the headpiece on a user whilst being scannedby MRI technology. This would enable to test whether internal neurological connections correlate with external heat loss from the head.

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Swarovski Gems x The Unseen 

The Unseen has exemplified an understanding of the hidden properties of the Gem stone, together with Emerging future technologies.
A glimpse into the bespoke relationship between the Swarovski Gem stone and the world of material science.
Demonstrated in an investigational performance by The Unseen in Vicenza, the participant was lead to explore the Gemstone from new angles, covering colour, materials, application and future visions.

Vicenza - Live performance R&D




Trio of artists/designers, The Unseen - 3 witches 1 eye

Our vision is to create a world of seamlessly captivating science; through exquisite couture, luxury products and opulent materials; in lieu of the believer searching for special pieces and unique experiences 

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