Christa's Portfolio

The November 2015 Paris attacks were a series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks that took place on 13 November 2015 in Paris



129 bullets symbolise the 129 individuals who lost their lives.
Heavy and cold, the ‘Ciment Fondu’ chandelier will be a physical manifestation of the weight of
mourning and looming threat of terror that has permeated throughout Europe since the attacks.
White in colour and serenely suspended in the air, the bullets induce a conflict within the viewer
by offering an oxymoronic image in which the violent content is contrasted by its tranquil
presentation. ‘Ciment Fondu’ is a type of smooth casting cement that was pateneted in
France in 1908.


These 129 piles of powder will form a shadow (fig.3) cast by the bullets above, each the weight
of gunpowder in an AK47 bullet.
A powerful image in itself, a pile of powder calls to mind the ashes of the victim (fig.2), whilst
viewed from above its chaotically fallen particles mimic the stars of the solar system (fig. 1) to
which the organic matter of the human body must return.


Red is a colour that human beings have been proven to have an instinctive emotional response
to; an evolutionary leftover from our primitve ancestors.
The installation will be lit by red light for the period: (21.20 - 00.30), flooding the space with a
more intensly emotive atmosphere, before breaking that intensity with the resumption of the
peaceful serenity of the installation in its regular state.


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