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Inspired by the need to create a solution to street lighting and create a more harmonious blend between urban and natural environments. As part of the Landscape Chameleon Series, this sample was designed to change colour under exposure to sunlught. The photochromic pigment in the stone highlights lichen patterns, blending the stone into the surrounding nature. In darkness, photoluminescnet ink emits light offering a natural solution to street lights, which attract a lot of insect life, that are drawn to the falsely bright light.

'Lights are well known to disorient migrating birds and sea turtles, for example. Scientists have also found that disappearing darkness disturbs the behaviour of crickets, moths and bats, and even increases disease transmission in birds.’
The most lethal effects are perhaps on insects — vital food sources and pollinators in many ecosystems. An estimate of the effects of street lamps in Germany suggested that the light could wipe out more than 60 billion insects over a single summer4. Some insects fly straight into lamps and sizzle; some collapse after circling them for hours.'*

Landscape Chameleon; Lichen -
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Great Exhibition of The North
June - September 2018

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